Farm shop

Biological since 1999

Certificates: Bioland, Red Rooster

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. or by appointment

The garden and the extensive park are among the passions of Ms. Rita von Unterrichter. With numerous courses and further education she has transformed the grounds. She offers Garden Tours.


Wine, fruit, juices, fruit spreads, various jams, potatoes, vegetables, meat, eggs.

You can buy our organically grown food and the two white wines, Paladin Solaris and Paladin Souvignier Gris in our farm shop.

Offer of a Garden Tour

I can gladly show you my garden and tell you about the different herbs and plants, where they grow and how to use them in the kitchen or about their healing aspects. I will also gladly tell you about the use of the plants according to the South Tyrolian wisdom passed down through the generations.

I am a trained herbalist I will gladly take you round the farm and share with you what I know so you can learn at little about the plants you can eat from the hedgerows.

If you are interested I can also take you through our orchards and vineyards and tell you about organic farming and it differences to conventional farming and its benefits.

Meeting Point:
Wednesday 18:00
Lasts 1 hr
Or by appointment

We also offer wine tastings. Contact us!