Familiy Von Unterrichter

The first recordings of Campan was around 1270, when it was mentioned to be in the possession of the Lords of Rodank. The estate then passed successively to the counts of Tyrol-Görz, to the Lords of Cumpan and to the noble families Jöchl and Palaus. In 1860, Carl Baron Unterrichter acquired the land. A devastating fire destroyed the building in 1868, resulting in it being rebuilt in the style of the times. Today, the building is listed to protect this unique character.

The farm originally focused on livestock and potato production. Over the decades, however, fruit-growing and vegetable production have come more to the foreground. At the end of the 90’s, the logical change to organic farming was based on the firm conviction that agriculture must promote the sustainable use of nature and offer healthy and fresh food to the general public.

In the foreground of the farm today is fruit growing, with our varieties are all geared towards organic growing. So you can find growing here the sought after apple varieties Topaz, Pilot, Florina, Evelina and, most recently, the red variety Bonita, which is predicted a great future. Control of pests is achieved with the natural neem oil and a method of distracting the male worm fly using colours, which has been proven to be effective. Under the trees, weeds are combated with the crusher instead of herbicides.

In addition to fruit growing, viticulture is the passion of the Lord of the Manor. In the previous century, above the castle, on the sun-exposed, warm, sandy soiled slopes there were already vineyards whose walls had been invaded over the decades and become overgrown with trees. In recent years piece by piece, the forest has been cleared, the walls repaired and the area terraced. We deliberately chose the fungus-resistant organic varieties, Souvignier Gris and Solaris. The vines are treated gently, so that excellent wines are pressed, which have already achieved awards at competitions.

The garden and the extensive park are among the passions of the landlady/Rita. With numerous courses and further education she has transformed the grounds. The area is now alive year round with a large variety of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals.

We see it as our obligation to preserve the nature and habitat of the estate for the next generation through sustainable fruit production and viticulture. Our work should be an expression of our history, our family and our great love of fruit, wine and nature.

In order to let others share in our joy, from 1994 onwards we have built up a number of apartments designed to introduce our guests to nature, the beauty of our land and the atmosphere of an old farm.

In 2016, when the farm shop opened, Campan Castle becomes even more palpable and tasty for our guests. Here we offer fruit spread, apple juice and wine, potatoes and eggs as well as seasonal produce from the farm and garden.